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Parklands Reserve – Signage

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​Here is our new interpretive signage for the Parklands Reserve. This sign is being made now and will be installed very soon around the Parklands Park. Click to download a larger version.

What Bird Is That??

What Bird is That?

Hi Bill,
We recently built on Diamantina Drive in Parklands estate and really like the development you have created out here.
I understand you are quite good with identifying birds. We recently had this bird nesting in one of our dirt piles down the back and have no idea what it is. It is only small. Do you know what bird it that? The birdlife out here is amazing.
Thanks for your help.
Hi Jason,
Striated Pardalote ….they make a ‘witter witter’ call and are more often heard than seen…..nesting in banks of creeks but also sand piles etc…..a gorgeous tiny native bird.
Thanks for caring!
Can we put your little posting up on the web site?...I’ve copied Molly in who updates news around the estate.
Cheers and have a great week,
Hi Bill,
Many thanks for letting us know. We had never seen a bird like it before and thought you would know.
We have no problem at all with you sharing it on the Facebook page.
Based on your advice, we are planting all natives and have added more plants to the 10m wildlife corridor at the back, to try and attract even more birds. We really like what you have created out here and appreciate the new playground too.
Many thanks.
Jason and Patricia

What Bird Is That?

​Striated Pardalote

Modern Time Saving Native Gardening

Modern Time Saving Native Gardening

You don't need to follow tradition of having lots of lawn and high maintenance gardens but Modern Time Saving Native Gardening can help. Native plants offer an alternative that might be better than you first thought.

Turf and exotic plants take a lot of energy to establish and maintain, but in today's day and age where time could be spent on other activities, why would you bother.

Enter the only sensible thing to do: Plant a Native Garden.

Sure we all love our vegie gardens and they do play an important part of our urban environment, but as a basis of a landscaped lot at Parklands Grange why not go with what the land has supported in the past, surely that is going to see you well into the future and save you lots of hours slaving away in the garden.

Parklands Grange is another Moorhead Family Communities Bundaberg development.